About P R Medication

We, P R Medication Private Limited formed in 2016. We have started our journey in medical industry to serve better in mankind. Day passes, we are continuously develop our thoughts, ideas and researches.

We uniquely delivers the mission, how it got started, market positioning, operational structure and financial goals. After reviewing this section, we have a broad understanding of what the business is setting out to do and how it is organized.

This section is not meant to be lengthy. Keep it short and brief. This is the snapshot of our thought. The type of thought will determine what are the following sections will be required for the business plan. Only include what is needed to properly represent the business and remove anything else.

P R Medication Private Limited decided to launch online clinic for elders who are not capable of coming to the clinic & the people who are very busy in the office work they can get their quick health solution by clicking our website. They don’t have to wait for long queue in a clinic, by their convenient time, they can visit the doctor online. Yes, it is the combination where medical industry is getting into digital form where people can get their all medical assistance by seating in to the office or home instantly.

Now which type of medical assistance they will get by seating home or office?

Any type of chronic disease, breast tumour, abnormal growth, IBS, Orthopedic problem and many more disease will be resolved without operation with the minimal cost.

If we will talk about our services, we provides doorstep facility for alternative medicine, where it comes with doctor visit and monthly follow-up checkup so that every patient can feel that “We are here for Your Care”.

Yes, Monthly checkup is very important. We always forget to checkup our health monthly, to serve in any industry it is very important people should follow-up their monthly health check-up. Through which they can boost their immune system to fight against any disease in this Pandemic situation like Covid-19.

Now question is coming up whether can we combat with Covid 19? Yes we can, if we can boost our immune system definitely we can combat with Covid 19 by taking precaution alternative medicines.