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An anal fistula is a small tunnel that connects an infected gland inside the anus to an opening on the skin around the anus. Symptoms include pain and swelling around the anus.

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Pain, Redness, Swelling around your anus. You might also notice Bleeding, Painful bowel movements or urination Fever, A foul-smelling liquid oozing from a hole near your anus. If you have any of these symptoms, call a doctor.


There’s no medication to fix the condition, so surgery is used. The procedure can usually take place in a doctor’s office or clinic. You won’t have to go to the hospital. For a simple fistula that isn’t too close to your anus, the doctor will cut open the skin and muscle surrounding the tunnel. This allows the opening to heal from the inside out. She may use a plug to close the fistula. For a more complicated fistula, the doctor might put a tube -- known as a Seton -- into the opening. This helps drain the infected fluid before surgery. It could take 6 weeks or more. Depending on where the fistula is, your doctor may have to cut into the sphincter muscles that open and close your anus. She’ll try not to damage them, but it may be harder to control your bowels after the procedure. Our Suggestion don’t go for any surgery come to our online clinic take appointment we will give you best remedy for your piles so that your problem go away for life long.


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